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Our Company

We are medium-sized Bavarian company from the metropolregion of the city of Nuremberg that since 1953 is manufacturing exclusively in Germany, but with an international customership, mostly cooperating with our European neighbours.

We consider ourselves as an Electrotechnical Fabrication, Sewery, Quiltery, Manufacturer of Natural Bedding and Prdoucer of Electric Heated Textiles and Automotive-Accessory, but with a high amount of manual labour and so a manufactory-character.

A part of our company is designing and producing Natural Bedding like Matraces made of Natural Latex and other 100% Natural Materials, Premium-Pillows with a huge diversity of Paddings, like Sleeping-Pellets, which are especially honored by allergy sufferers, noble Blankets, Slatted Frames constructed of exclusively Natural Materials, just to mention a few examples for you.

Our core competence though is all around Electric Heated Textiles. Flexible Heating-Solutions like classical Electric Heating Pads but also individual concepted and developed products for your particular needs and ideas. That could be electrical heated seats for your park of especial construction-machines or else electrical heated articles for applications in medicine and therapy.

Starting with Electric Heat-Pads for for example the shoulder- and neck-region to even release tough tensions, going to Warmth-Therapy-Couchs, Anti-Rheumatism-Mats, up to the design and production of electronical- and computer- controled Therapy - Pads, - Mats, - Chairs with technology core, individually concepted for your needs and ideas.

So our products are aswell used in different applications in the health- and care-area.

And of course are some of our products pretty valued by senior citizens.

Especially on orthopedic problems like joint pains, pains in different problematic regions of the spine, complaints depending musculature, rheumatism an even some internistic and neurologic disorders, can Therapeutical Warmth not only be pleasant or pain-releasing but even support a medical treatment and contribute to the process of recovery.

Furthermore we are not just since yesterday represented in Wellness. Do we consider us bound to the wellbeing and relaxation of our customers from the very beginning.