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Decades ago we were mainly producing classical Flexible Heating articles like Electic Heated Blankets and Heating Pads. On this field we were in Germany at all one of the cofounders of this market. And that „to a time when stoves were still fired with wood and coal“ ¹ to heat.

We manufacture since 1953 exclusively in Germany and have decided conciously to continue so. A definite Yes – to Made in Germany, a definite Yes to Quality without any limitations, without any compromises.

And that way was kind of identity forming for our company. It gave us the opportunity to see who we are, what we can achieve and were our potentials are and always have been.

Quality, Know-How, Experience, from the very beginning and further the flexibility, the ability to proper apply our knowledge, our experiences and skills and so being able to be a reliable partner to our customers.

Premium-Quality, at a Maximum of Individuality and Flexibility.

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